Hello World!

Navigating the world of parenting a child with Autism can be the most incredible journey in all ways. Here you’ll experience our stories from multiple perspectives (parent and child). My son Dex loves to write; this will be a great outlet for him to express his perspective! For me, this will help me reflect, process and help others in this amazing life. Love to All.

Introducing my son Dex ❤️

Hello, I’m Dex. My pronouns are He/Him, and I have Autism. I love to write, draw, and play TTRPGs. Most importantly I love to be myself. If you think being the average person is good, well you’re wrong. Average is boring. If you’re the average person, you will never be able to experience uniqueness.

People judge Autism & Down Syndrome badly, and well, they’re more wrong than the largest amount of wrongness. Even though I don’t have Down Syndrome, I have seen many people with it, and it’s good, not bad. It makes you unique, Autism is the same way. – I hope you find this blog helpful! Dex

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